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On Excuses, Excuses (and Sexton's Creek)

Well, I fell a little bit short of my original challenge to discover something new everyday posts because I didn't make it the whole month.  In fact, I only made just over half a month.  I won't list the reasons why here, but let's just say life intervened, as it sometimes does.  And here's a discovery I made (which I already knew, but had to be reinforced for me):  sometimes life must take the driver's seat, even over your writing.  The thing is, though, life doesn't know this, but no matter what is happening, the writing is still in high gear.  Because even though I wasn't able to write those discovery posts everyday, the real-life problems I was having that was keeping me from posting were, in fact, teaching me more and more discoveries every single day.  So I'm thankful for that.  And if I learned one thing during my little exercise in trying to discover something new everyday (and posting it online) it is...well, it's two things:  1.  You can d…