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The (Im)Perfect Word
Writers are always looking for the perfect word, the perfect sentence.Put a bunch of writers together for a little while and you’ll most likely hear one of them declare “I love that word” in response to something someone has uttered.We are not normal (and don’t want to be); we actually discuss our favorite words.Mine is “gloaming”.A friend of mine prefers the word “Sabbath”.Another favors “diaphanous”. Writers are people who love words, plain and simple; that’s our craft, our job.Of course it is the sound that draws us in first.How can a person not appreciate a word like “diaphanous” if they say it aloud?So yes, we pronounce these words audibly, savoring them like fine chocolates on our tongues.We roll them around in our mouths, feel them taking flight from our lips.Yet it is more than that.We even love the way words look.Take another perfect word for an example:Appalachia.Not only is it interesting to say (mostly because the way a person says it can tip you off to…