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Top 21 Music of 2010

There is so much good music happening today that I just cannot contain my list to a Top 10 or even a Top 20.I had to go with 21. And I love all of the albums so much that I couldn't rank them. So here they are in no particular order, all of them great pieces of art that gave me hours of listening pleasure. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some other great records, so feel free to point them out.But these were the ones that stuck with me the most, and I hope that you’ll check them out…A perfect Sunday morning record.Patty Griffin’s voice is church.Come Around Sundown-Kings of LeonHere’s another one I loved to drive to.The songs “Back Down South” and “Mary” are just as good on the five hundredth play as the first, and I ought to know.Both of these are the kinds of songs that go on my permanent “to-write-to” playlist. In fact, "Back Down South" became one of the central songs on the soundtrack to the novel I'm working on, Evona Darling.Infinite Arms-Band of HorsesThis whole a…