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Favorite Albums of 2013

It’s always a daunting task to pull together a list of my favorite albums of the year, but each year I try to do it.With that said, I will probably leave off something I love.And there will most likely be glaring omissions that I “should” have on here, but don’t for whatever reason.This list is not necessarily a “best of” so much as it is a gathering of the albums I listened to the most this year, perhaps because they are the best albums of the year or maybe just because they struck my mood the best. At any rate, I think they are all high quality records that everyone should check out.I’m listening them here in reverse alphabetical order, simply because it’s too hard for me to rank them.  I hope you will list your favorites in the comments below.  
Holly Williams-The Highway.Yes, she’s Hank Williams’ granddaughter.And her daddy is Bocephus.But that doesn’t matter because this is definitely one of the best written albums of the year, and Williams has the vocal chops to pull it off bea…