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The Most Revolutionary

A commencement speech given by Silas House at Berea College, Berea, Kentucky, 3 May 2014
I’ve spoken at many commencements but I don't believe I've ever been so honored to be speaking because you are my people, and I am so proud of you. I know how happy you are that four years—or more—of struggle are finished. I have been humbled and moved and inspired by the journey of so many of you.The best part of teaching at Berea is that I learn something from each of you every day. I know this is a day of celebration for you, and rightly so.Because you have worked hard, you have fought the good fight. You are revolutionary because you are committed to knowledge in a time and world that increasingly values dumbness and apathy, a world that celebrates the talentless and makes celebrities out of the undignified.You are revolutionary because you are a generation that is demanding equality in a way no generation ever before has.Because I have seen you demand this equality every day by accepting…