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Songs of Summer 2017

When I think of summer songs, I think of songs that would be good for a day out on the lake, or a long bike ride, or while enjoying my own back yard.  Songs of summer tend to be more upbeat, lighter fare.  So the larger culture's "Songs of Summer" tend to be more on the mindless, pop side...not that there's anything wrong with that. But I like something I can tap my foot to that also has a lot going on between the lines of the song and in the production as well. I couldn't resist throwing in a couple of ballads that I'm loving right now.  I wanted to pick songs that have only come out recently, too.  So below are the videos of my picks for this year's Songs of Summer, in no particular order.  Or you can just go straight to my Spotify and listen to them there.  

Shine On Me-Dan Auerbach

Should've Been You-Imelda May

Better Way-Andrew Combs


Over-Kings of Leon

Electric Love-Serena Ryder

Green Eyes-Aubrie Sellers

Hungry Ghost-Hurray for the…