On Green Eyes (Discovery 8/13/09)

When describing a particularly beautiful green eye we are tempted to come up with some kind of smooth simile, like "green as river water" or "green as a redbud leaf" (both of which I've used in my novels to describe green eyes).  But the fact is that there is nothing to compare to the beauty of a green eye because it is the perfection of green, a kind of green that transcends even the most brilliant things in the world such as rivers and leaves.   


...... Bobbi said…
Nice ... my mother has beautiful green eyes. I'm stuck with just blue.
Amoreena said…
I love this - I love my own green eyes but can't hold a candle to my son's gray ones. They always make me think of the morning fog.
Ron D said…
(sigh) I always wanted green eyes. I always wanted red hair.

I always wanted...


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