On Headaches (Discovery for 8/24/09)

An especially terrible headache is as big and endless and dark as the ocean, stretched tight across the globe, middled by black white-capping waves that chop at the horizon, a largeness and darkness like death.


Anonymous said…
drink lots and lots of water to cure a headache.
Keith Wilson said…
If this isn't the truth. There are people who don't have an end to that sort of pain too. It's why I can't judge people for suicide, even if I disagree with it.

How can you hate someone for throwing themselves into that ocean, when it stretches unending?
Amy Clark said…
Just came ashore from a week's worth of one of those and I think if there's beauty in headaches it's the sweet release you feel when it's gone. There's beauty in the blessing of not suffering every day.

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