What I Know: A Prayer Essay

This year:

Find a creek, river, lake, or ocean, and be still beside it for a time. Sit by an open fire and watch the flames. Sit on the porch and lie on the grass. Light candles. Take a deep breath. Write a letter to someone.

Discover something new everyday. Learn. Tell stories. Listen to old people. Ask them questions.

Do something nice for others when you can and don't hesitate to be kind to yourself.

Read actual, real books and newspapers.

Spend an entire day without looking at your phone. If you feel the urge to post a selfie everyday, take a picture of some other beautiful thing instead.  Remember that there is power in moderation.

Learn to cook or bake something new. Enjoy every meal. Savor your food. Drink water.

Be completely quiet. Turn your favorite song up as loud as it will go.

If someone makes you feel bad all the time, get away from them. Laugh with others. Laugh while you're alone.

Spend time with animals. They make us better people.

Don't judge. Think this: "There but for the grace of God go I" or "Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."  Forgive others.  Forgive yourself.

--Silas House, from "What I Know: a Prayer Essay"


Catherine said…
Beautifully written: simple but profound. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Just read "Another Country" - it is as tragic as it is uplifting. It is eternally unfortunate that we humans have such a hard time throwing out the bathwater without the baby being lost also. I shuddered as the old aunt wanted the old days to be recognized by allowing the 'men to go first' Why? That mindset is slowly being eradicated (at least in America) - why allow its remnants any credibility at all. Then you remember - not everyone agrees with that. There are two types of humans - those who want fairness and equity for all and those who don't mind taking advantage of anyone and everyone - at whatever the cost. One can only hope that there is some type of redemption at the end - but, I am afraid not. Most - who do eventually realize that - do so at such a late stage in their lives that the damage (to others, the environment, etc) has already been done. I can only hope that it is nurture, not nature that causes so many 'humans' to be so destructive of themselves and others. Because if it is, I have hope that we will eventually figure things out and start treating each other, all other living things, and the environment with something other than indifference and/or avarice. That we eventually learn from our past, our roots, our relationships, and our upbringings is reason enough for being uplifted by such a poignant essay as 'Another Country'.
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